About Gate Industries

Gate Industries is a multifaceted South Carolina-based finance and consulting firm, specializing in the sourcing and facilitating of a variety of financing options, including private offering funding through foreign nationals (EB-5 investments) and domestic private funding. Our firm is an established Regional Center operator with a coast-to-coast affiliate network and extensive experience in providing comprehensive guidance and services from the initial planning phase of an EB-5 project to final funding.

Gate Industries is dedicated to helping individuals and families secure permanent residency in the United States through the EB-5 program by providing safe, reputable and fully-compliant investment offerings in addition to access to highly specialized connections including:

  • Access to top immigration firms
  • Partnerships with leading overseas migration agents, economists, and brokers
  • In-house legal compliance
  • USCIS pre-approved projects across the U.S.

As a leading EB-5 Practitioner and Regional Center Consultant, Gate Industries has raised over $400,000,000 in capital and has successfully applied for and consulted on over 18 projects nationwide. Our success is founded on our commitment to individualized client strategies, ensuring success and profitability. 

Founder Nic Applegate began his career at a young age in the United States Military, serving a total of 17 years in the armed forces. While serving as an Apache helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army, Mr. Applegate started his own construction company from the ground up. His construction company developed, constructed, and restored dozens of commercial and residential projects in Georgia and South Carolina.While running his construction company, Mr. Applegate found that his talents began to cross over into EB-5 projects involving the entertainment industry.  In 2008, Mr. Applegate established Gate Industries, bringing his financial expertise gained from the construction and entertainment sectors to the EB-5 arena. 

Comprised of recognized leaders in the EB-5 community, Gate Industries staff is regularly called upon to speak at EB-5 conferences both domestically and abroad. Our experienced staff is made up of military personnel, defense contractors, attorneys, patent agents, doctoral students, and financial analysts in addition to former hedge fund managers, real estate developers, energy sector experts, producers, entertainment executives and expert EB-5 economists. As a small boutique EB-5 consultancy, Gate Industries specializes in the EB-5 financing and project application services. 

Gate Industries is staffed by a diverse, multilingual team who are fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Because several members of our team are immigrants themselves, Gate Industries is uniquely familiar with the complex process of U.S. immigration. With highly-connected offices in the U.S. and abroad, Gate Industries is advantageously positioned to source accredited foreign investors from overseas and help achieve the investment and immigration goals of foreign nationals and American developers alike.

For assistance with  Business Plans, Marketing Packet, or Business Structure, please visit GateBusinessSolutions.com.