Application Services

  • Premier EB-5 practitioner and regional center strategist/consultant
  • EB-5 Project and Regional Center application services completed by experienced and professional team
  • Strong relationships with migration agents, brokers, immigration attorneys and economists
  • Gate Industries oversees multiple regional centers and affiliates across the US
  • Commitment to individualized client strategies ensuring success and profitability

Providing a sophisticated, professional and comprehensive approach to sourcing EB-5 capital, best-in-class preapproved EB-5 projects, loan and bridge fund servicing, and investor/client relations.

The Gate Industries Advantage:

Gate Industries specializes in identifying, underwriting and Project I-924 application submissions for EB-5 compliant Projects. Our team of EB-5 experts seeks to identify, underwrite, structure and service EB-5 Projects in order to maximize the likelihood of a successful visa application outcome for potential investors, while providing capital to qualifying development projects that create US jobs. We represent both investors and developers in the EB-5 process and strive to make sure both parties acommplish their goals. In addition, Gate Industries’ institutional loan servicing, investor relations capabilities, bridge fund servicing, concierge services and new market tax credit servicing provide EB-5 developers and investors with a best-in-class level of service and transparency on par with that provided to the most demanding and sophisticated institutional stakeholders.

Benefits of the EB-5 Program for the Investor:

The EB-5 program offers an expedited way for qualified foreign investors to obtain a US Green Card and US citizenship compared to the other employment and family-based Green Card categories. Foreign investors do not need sponsorship from an employer or family member. There are no language, business, or education requirements for applicatns. Investors who receive a Green Card through the EB-5 program are permitted to work and live anywhere in the US. Investors who receive a Green Card can travel to and from the United States without a visa. After establishing residency in the United States, investors and their children may be able to pay lower college and university tuition rates than foreign students. Gate Industries’ concierge services can assist potential investors with all of these situations.

EB-5 Investor Eligibility Requirements

For over twenty years, foreign investors and their families have been obtatining permanent residency in the United States through the 5th Employment-Based Preference (EB-5) visa program. To qualify for the EB-5 program, a foreign investor must invest at least $900,000 in a new commercial enterprise located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), which is defined as a rural location or a location experiencing an unemployment rate that is least 150% of the national average. If the new commercial enterprise is not located within a TEA, then the threshold investment amount is $1,400,000. Regardless of the minimum investment amount, the investment must be shown to create or maintain at least ten direct, indirect, or induced jobs within the vicinity of the project. For additional information regarding eligibility and the EB-5 program, visit

The EB-5 Visa Application Process

  • Identify and select an EB-5 compliant investment opportunity
  • Fund required “At-Risk” capital contribution into escrow
  • File I-526 petition with USCIS
  • File to adjust status in US, or follow consular process in home country
  • Receive a conditional Green Card
  • File I-829 petition 2 years after receipt of conditional Green Card
  • Receive permanent Green Card
  • Eligible to apply for permanent US Citizenship after 5 years of residency

Greater Certainty, Fewer Challenges The Gate Industries’ Advantage for Developers:

Gate Industries’ more than 7-year track record in real estate, finance, consulting and the EB-5 industry makes us the only EB-5 platform with the experience, resources, and capabilities of a full-service boutique real estate lender, advisor, developer, loan servicer and expert consultant. EB-5 financing offers an attractive alternative to traditional capital markets-based financing, and working with the right EB-5 platform can mitigate many of its challenges. Together with our world-class team of experts, multi-state network of regional centers and affiliates, and overseas team of EB-5 migration agents and brokers and distribution platforms Gate Industries oversees the entire EB-5 process, including deal structuring, I-924 Project document preparation, securities document preparation, marketing, loan servicing, bridge financing, new market tax credits, private financing and investor relations. The level of service provided by Gate’s EB-5 platform sets us apart from other EB-5 platforms in the marketplace and allows us to offer our clients greater certainty and efficiency in completing their EB-5 financings.

Gate’s EB-5 Offering Structure

  • Gate Industries structures fully customized and integrated financing solutions that include EB-5 funding for even the most complex development projects in the Southeast and beyond.
  • Gate has amassed a dedicated team of professionals with a proven track and record of successfully structuring, marketing, and managing EB-5 offerings for a wide range of development projects across many different industries.
  • Gate has assembled a team of EB-5 experts, service providers, attorneys and advisors to ensure an efficient marketing process and to maximize the likelihood of rapid USCIS approval process.
  • Gate’s integrated and proactive government-relations strategy facilitates the USCIS approval process and timing.

Advantages of EB-5 Financing

  • EB-5 financing offers an attractive and lower cost alternative to traditional capital markets and subordinate financing, and working with the right EB-5 sponsor can mitigate many of EB-5’s challenges both real and perceived.
  • EB-5 financing can be structured as mezzanine financing or preferred equity depending on the project and sponsorship, as well as the specific requirements of the developer and a Project’s senior lenders.
  • EB-5 offers a long term (generally 5-7 years) fixed rate interest-only financing vehicle. Shorter term may also be available depending on the project and sponsorship.

The EB-5 Offering Process

  • Offering Preparation
  • Prepare SEC-compliant offering and securities documentation
  • Develop marekting strategy and prepare collateral

Overseas Marketing

  • Gate works closely with licensed migration agents and brokers to present the offering in qualified investors

Escrow Funds and Release

  • Investors fund their capital contributions into escrow, file their I-526 petition
  • Funds released from escrow per the terms of the escrow agreement and offering documents

Our escrow administrator Five on Fifty Financial Services, LLC, oversees the entire escrow process.

Loan Servicing and Investor Relations

  • Monitor borrower’s compliance with the terms of the loan agreement
  • Monitor job creation activities
  • Track and monitor status and capital accounts for all EB-5 investors
  • Provide periodic reports to EB-5 investors to aid in their visa application process

Gate Industries is an expert institutional EB-5 platform, providing developers with a sophisticated, full integrated, and full-service approach to accessing EB-5 capital for their Projects. Our world-class team of experts, network of regional centers and affiliates, bridge financing expertise and access to overseas distribution partners, including a network of migration agent and foreign brokers, provides developers with certainty and efficiency of execution. Investors in EB-5 Projects organized by Gate Industries have access to best-in-class EB-5 opportunities and servicing. Gate’s depth of experience in real estate advisory, lending, development, bridge financing, consultation and loan servicing provides foreign investors with the confidence that their investment is safe and that it will help pave the path to US Citizenship.

Regional Centers

Gate Industries is building one of the largest networks of US Citizen and Immigration Service-approved regional centers in the U.S., providing access to EB-5 opportunities throughout the United States.

Interested in Learning More?

If you have any questions about the EB-5 program or about Gate Industries’ unique program capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will assist you in any way possible.